CEBU LIONS CLUB & MAGELLAN’S LIONS CLUB joins Grand Halad sa Kapamilya 2015

Cebu City Lions Club – Magellan Chapter joins in on ABS-CBN Grand Halad sa Kapamilya held last June 27, 2015 at the Cebu Technological University Campus.




“Humbled” and “Fulfilled” are the words that come to mind when you ask me how I felt about this experience. This may not be my first when it comes to giving back to the community as I have joined several political campaigns in the past but this is definitely one of the grandest. Kudos to ABS-CBN for spearheading such annual event. Unlike the political campaign I have been involved in, this was, shall i say – “another level of selflessnes” – as it had nothing else for the sponsors to gain but simply the thought of “Giving back”. Call me naive, or inexperienced, but like a newborn with nothing but an innocent mind and the eyes that only see the good in people – this was what i saw.




With the partnership of Lions Club Int’l – Magellan Chapter and Lions Medical Eye Bank of the Philippines Foundation. We held an Eye Clinic campaign for those who would want to have a clearer vision of the world. With free eye examination with check-up and prescription glasses as well. Everyone grows older and that’s inevitable and as we age, the clarity of our vision takes its toll too. Trust me, being nearsighted from the age of 8  – I can tell you this by experience – And it may also be hereditary, so either way, safe to say, we all need to get our eyes checked from time to time.




Seeing the smiles brought by this simple gesture will make your heart melt. Imagine going home and seeing your wife’s beautiful smile once again (that after she had a dental check-up which was also available in the event) or even just the thought of reading your morning paper without all the squinting and magnifying glass. PRICELESS.





With different sponsors like the members of the Phil. Navy administering free haircuts, to free ice cream which in my opinion, was the booth where the most line up for – To the simplest things such as cellphone and computer repair – it just goes to show no matter how big or small, you were blessed with a certain set of skills and one shall always share it to those less fortunate.

IMG_6253 IMG_6224

IMG_6240 IMG_6206

IMG_6189 5

So for all who partook in this medical mission, I do hope that We, the Lions, has given you another reason to make your mornings brighter and your days clearer.




IMG_6222 IMG_6191

IMG_6190 IMG_6184


IMG_6181 IMG_6180

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