Good Vibes at Vibe’s Gourmet

Use “Chicken not bread” in a sentence

Give her oxygen for chicken not bread (she cannot breathe)

Giving this entry a somewhat light introduction was without a doubt the first thing on my mind – after all, we’re spreading good Vibes and energy here. And along with that is the part where the chicken comes in. So, who really was here first, the chicken or the egg? As for me, I don’t care which did but as long as I get to eat my weekly (if not daily) fix of chicken then I’m good to go.


For some, Vibe’s might be a very familiar place already as it is situated across what was once a very crowded medical college (now a hospital) Cebu Doctor’s. Yet for the others who have not heard about it, this post is for you.

Chicken Teriyaki
Lemon Pepper Chicken

I first came across Vibe’s some 4-5 years ago after a drinking binge. As we youngsters often go hungry after a night of “casual” drinking. And since then, I’ve been eating there once in a while mainly for it’s lemon pepper and herbs and spicy chicken – and their secret sauce – don’t even get me started on their sauce. Though it has changed over the years, now having more choices – even their own grill station – it hasn’t disappointed me since.



To pair with your Lemon Pepper or your Chicken Teriyaki, I strongly suggest their Biryani rice. But let me warn you, it is not for the faint-hearted. Prices ranging from 50php to 150php, it is surely a bang for your buck plus they cook them chicks well – which is the most important thing when eating fowls. OR ANYTHING in general 🙂





Lemme know what you think and keep on spreading the good Vibes – and hopefully, this post 🙂

Vibe’s Gourmet

Address: Back of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital


3 thoughts on “Good Vibes at Vibe’s Gourmet

  1. I think I have been here before…I just didn’t know it was called Vibe’s. LOL. This post makes me want to give it a visit again soon.

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