Carnivore : Love Beyond the Plate

Carnivore has been around the Cebu food scene for quite a while now, over a year, if I’m not mistaken. You may have heard of it, passed by it or at one point, wanted to try it but got intimidated with how fancy their dishes looked – DON’T BE.

Chop and Marrow – Grilled, Thick-cut Pork Chop w/ poached Kitayama Beef bone marrow. Served with Steak Rice – 439, YUP that’s not a typo.

Nothing pretentious, and rather honest food is what you’ll get if you ever heed my advice and try them out. Flavors that burst inside your mouth with complex yet relevant components on each plate that complement each other with every bite – is an assurance.


Free Range Chicken – Oven Roasted Chicken breast, Sous-vide Chicken Thigh, Mushroom Peppercorn Sauce- 299

Getting to know the chefs (Kurt and Barbra) was an honor. Their passion, dedication and expertise was an art in its own right. Gaining culinary experience at numerous restaurants not just in the Philippines, but all around the world and yet choosing to share their knowledge to us, fellow Cebuanos – shows us how much they love Cebu and how we are ready for this kind of gastronomic experience. With different specialty dishes every month or so, they see to it that all main ingredients are also grown/bred locally. Like the Kitayama Wagyu beef from the farms in Bukidnon, Yellow Fin Tuna from Negros and even to the craft beers from the Cebruery of Mandaue – Spreading some local love has never tasted this good.

Uni Ice Cream – or “Swaki” (Sea Urchin) in bisaya. MUST TRY

Smoked Cajun Chicken with Bacon – Whole wheat Oat bread, garlic aioli, wild arugula, mozarella and tomatoes – 275 php

Nothing else best describes how this power couple represent their food, but the line on this blog title – “Love beyond the plate”.  Their passion can and will be seen in their dedication to their craft, and to each other. Watch them do what they do best behind the counter (Yup, you can actually SEE how your food is being prepped/cooked in this restaurant) and you will find out exactly what I’m referring to.

Kitayama Beef Sub Deux – Beer Braised Beef, half baguette, truffle mustard, sauteed peppers, mushrooms and onions. 285 php ONLY



Kudos to Chef Kurt and Barbra – you are truly two in a million!

Show them some love and head on over now to CARNIVORE at The Gallery, Mabolo, Cebu City – before they go somewhere else and you might MISS your chance 🙂

Afternoon Delight with the Kitayama Beef Sub, Smoke Cajun Chicken sandwich and the INGREDIENT OF THE MONTH – WILD BOAR BURGER – a slow cooked pure boar patty and belly that can change the way you see burgers 🙂

(c) PHOTOS BY : Grid Concepts Design Studio (


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