Taitong – A roundtrip ticket to Southeast Asia

I like to write about places that are underrated. It’s actually how this blog started.

Places hiding in plain sight, hole-in-the-walls and home-based restaurants and cafes with good food fascinate me. Food that deserves places as big as a McDonald’s restaurant just to accommodate people who would actually know what Good food really means.


And what better city to write about than Cebu. Where everyone gets to dine side by side to literally anyone regardless of status quo. Where CEOs bump elbows with trike drivers in Pasil, to carenderias filled with working professionals and cabbies. After all – we, Cebuanos, are practical and smart that way 


Nah, We just know how to appreciate good, LAMI food.

IMG_6066IMG_6073One example is this small (about 4-5 tables) restaurant along the A.S Fortuna Highway -Taitong Steamer foods. A friend of mine told me about the place which boasts of its 5-in-1 Siopao! (It has Asado, Bola-bola, Siomai, Salted Egg, and Chinese Sausage). That Siopao (xiaobao – pork bun) itself already got me intrigued.


Nope, I was wrong – it was just the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg of good, flavorful Southeast Asian fusion cooking. It had Nasi Goreng, Sambal and Crystal Prawns and more dimsum goodness to top it all off.


Safe to say that this small wonder have a lot more to offer than it looks.

Excuse us *burps

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