Sinulog Burger Hype – Pop up shop with Backyard Burgers

Pit Senyor!



Rejoice, Cebu foodies! Davao’s pride (no, it’s not Digong this time) – your friendly neighborhood Backyard Burgers has finally returned for yet another week of juicy, beefie goodness this Sinulog weekend!



Amidst the solemnity and all the revelry the mardi gras has to offer – FOOD – has and always been a part of the spotlight during one of the world’s most attended festival. SINULOG. For those who haven’t heard of
the word, I suggest you book a one-way ticket to Cebu while it’s not too late and experience it for yourself. I guarantee you, a return trip will NOT be necessary.



Backyard Burgers made noise this week last year, when they first decided to open a pop-up shop along Baseline Residences (Heart of the Party scene). Garnering rave reviews, long queues and even selling out after a few hours and having to extend it a couple more days due to public demand!


Now that says a lot for a local burger joint that started in Davao and made its way to different parts of Mindanao. A couple of my friends and I, also sought out to franchise them all the way to Cebu. Hopefully
now, they a might give us another call back, with more certainty this time. It’s not just because it’s a trend, but having tried it a couple of times in Davao – Taste, consistency and a certain x-factor is what this burger place
is boasting about.

Enough words, It’s better if I just show you!

The BB Signature Burger in all its Glory 
Made of Buttered Jumbo Black Sesame Bun, 2 100% imported Beef Patties respectively wrapped in smoked bacon each, Mozarella Filling, 2 imported Cheddar Cheese Slices,  1/2 strip Yakiniku Beef, 1/2 Slice of Grilled Pork Sweet Ham, Sauteed Mushrooms in butter/garlic, Cheese sauce, Caramelized onions, Homemade Steak Sauce and Triple S Sauce


Cheesy Steak Burger
Buttered Black Sesame Bun, 100% imported beef patty, Imported Cheddar Cheese, Mozarella, Cheese Sauce, Yakiniku Beef Strips, Caramelized onions, Homemade steak Sauce, and Shoe string potatoes brick pressed


They’ve decided to move to another location – and I know you’ve been reading long enough, you deserve to know.

So go find them at the Ground Floor of Enmore Residences, fronting Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus along Don Jose Avila St. starting tomorrow Jan.10 OR just follow the long line of hungry sinulog revelers waiting for their fix of the Signature Backyard Burger.



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