Food Trends that may become a big hit this 2016 vol. I



Ohayo Gozaimas-eehhhh! (Mimicking japanese accent)

Musubis are now a thing of the past. Something’s been creeping up the trend ladder and it’s called “Onigirazu”. And Man, is it delicious!

Slowly but surely, Japanese cuisine has been invading the low – mid food market scene here in Cebu. By saying this – I mean that, having to eat Japanese food a decade ago meant having to shell out a bigger-than-usual amount of dough for a dinner. With restaurants offering “authentic” Jap dishes for a price.


But fear not, as more and more people from all walks of life already have the ability to travel to the land of the rising sun (Thank you PAL, anyone?) – They share to us, fellow Cebuanos, different and exciting new experiences right in our own home.


That is what Henry and Annie of Son Gohan Onigirazu wants for us Cebuanos. To indulge in one, if not the world’s greatest and probably most technical cuisine – And the best thing about them, They’re giving it to us for less than 150 php!!!


From what I gather, It’s a creative take on the traditional rice ball (called onigiri or omusubi), To make onigiri, rice is molded with hands wet with salty water into a compact ball or triangle with small bits of pickled plum , seasoned salmon, or dried bonito flakes in the center, like a buried treasure. As per my friend, Google.


Onigirazu on the other hand is quite an evolution of Onigiri, making it into the ultimate lunch on-the-go for all of us, yuppies – a Rice Sandwich.

Choose from different combinations such as:


Chicken Teriyaki

Pork Katsu (Actually a large tonkatsu inside, WINNER)


Tuna Wasabi Mayo (For those trying to eat light this 2016)


Tamagoyaki (Seasoned Egg with Crabmeat)

Gyusando (100% Beef Patty)


Spam and Egg Onigirazu (All time Fave)

Son Gohan Price List

Have 30 minutes before your lunch break is over? Go for Son Gohan

Needing a quick but delicious fix before you hit the sack? Go for Son Gohan

Work drained you and you’re just too tired to cook? Go for Son Gohan

It’s delicious, quick and easy. What more can you ask for? errrr. I know, THEIR NUMBER – 09176215550

and catch them at the Banilad Town Center Food Market this January 9, 2016 and have a taste of authentic japanese goodness!

More on their Facebook Page HERE



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