Dumaguete’s Sans Rival Now in Cebu

Dumaguete’s Pride Sans Rival Finally Arrives in the Queen City of the South


At first glance, I figured “Booooo, Just another reason to make an excuse not to travel to the City of Gentle People anymore”
But on second thought, “Hey, It’s much closer to home now for everyone to enjoy!”. And being a “team” player, I was ecstatic when they said
they were opening in Cebu!


Sans Rival has always been a staple name in Dumaguete just as much as The Boulevard, and Hayahay Resto bar are. I remember when friends and family would ask me to buy a whole lot of their signature Sans Rival and Silvanas on my way back to Cebu. (And I try hard to respectfully decline as I myself, bring a truckload of these on my way home)


To those living under a rock, Sans Rival is a Cake made with layers of buttercream, meringue and cashews. And as per, Tito Google, It comes from the french word which means No Rival – and a rival he has none. Popularity-wise, except only against its little brother, the Silvanas. This time, its a frozen cookie made with, of course, buttercream sandwiched between tow cashew-meringue wafers and cookie crumb coating (With a choice of either original, and chocolate flavors)


At first bite, it’s texture reminds me of the traditional french macarons. Light, yet flavorful.



Okay, you may have been reading this not-so-long of a post just to find out where it is and you’re probably starting to get annoyed, so here goes –

Sans Rival Bistro Opens in The New Robinsons Galleria Cebu along with regional heroes, like the Bohol Bee Farm. Galleria Opens to the Public on Dec. 10, 2015.



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