A Pleasant Surprise – Best Cebu Blog Awards 2015 #BCBA


Best Cebu Food Blog Finalist 2015 – thejdgalz.wordpress.com

Hi, I’m Jed. I don’t usually get any surprises in my lifetime as I’ve always been a fan of calculating every move before actually doing it – but at the seldom times that I do get them, I cherish them.

And that is what the Best Cebu Blog Awards nomination has been for me – well, a Pleasant Surprise. As none of you may know, blogging is not a first nature nor a far second for me.
A Software Developer by profession and a photography hobbyist by night, I started to pair my photos with a little bit of writing and captions just to entice the viewers and next thing you know, a wordpress site was born.
It’s safe to say that sharing my experiences – whether it be food, travels or lifestyle choices – to others, was and is my only goal. The Philippines, Cebu specifically, has too much to offer than other people take notice of. And I wanted to share that.


Why go elsewhere when you can find everything you ever wanted right in your own backyard? Don’t get me wrong, travelling the whole world is the end-game, but before you do, I think it’s actually best to appreciate your own first to realize how blessed you are.

Til then, you can understand fully, what it is to travel and experience other cultures.

The BCBA has been vital for Cebu’s tourism and information. Sharing different views from one talented blogger to another – to different parts of the world. Giving us, cebuanos, a boost in our confidence and telling the whole world we can compete with the best there is.

So once again, THANK YOU to the BCBA organization for giving me this pleasant surprise just in time for my birthday week. And more power in the next decades to come!













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