Hola, como esta Hungry. How about you?


I’m pretty sure after reading this post, you will be.


Driving 30 mins or even the whole day is a chance I would gladly take when it comes to Meximama. As both branches are located at the beautiful island of Mactan (3rd branch will be MUCH nearer for us lazy bums), you may need to plan your route ahead if you decide on NOT missing half of your life.


Meximama Cocina Latina has a quaint, homey feel that I personally like. No pressure, just enjoy the rich and flavorful taste the best of Mexico has to offer. With spices shipped straight from L.A, Dennis ought to change his profession from chef to pilot – cause he surely made me feel like I’ve been to Mexico without the tequila.



With prices so affordable even converted to mexican peso, we couldn’t decide what to order right away. But after dos segundos, we knew what we came here for. (The long drive got us hungry, amigo) She ordered their Costillas de Cerdo – baby back ribs, orange barbecue sauce and pickled vegetables with mexican rice – SUMPTUOUS, TENDER, AND FLAVORFUL.




I, on the other hand, had their Chimichanga or the “Fried Burrito” – Mexican rice, refried beans, crema, cheese, enchilada sauce and roja – HUGE, TASTY AND downright DELICIOUS.




Of course, we had to leave room for the time we decide to go for seconds and thirds, so we did not order everything yet we wanted to.

Imported Sauces

We also ordered their best-selling Street Food Tacos traditionally served only in soft shell tacos made from imported Masa Marina in, none other than, Mexico.



Personally, there are just a few authentic mexican restaurants in Cebu but this one truly stands out.

Meximama Cocina Latina – just how mama used to make, if mama were mexican.


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