Just Winging It @ Bad Boys Wingz

“To Wing It is an idiom that means to improvise, to do something without proper preparation or time to rehearse. People often talk about winging it when they have to do something difficult that they didn’t have time to prepare – like make a speech or give a presentation OR Finding a wings place…”

Bad Boys Wingz

Whatchu gon’ do, whatchu gon’ do when they cook for you… Well, in my case, it made me delectably happy.


Started from humble beginnings during bazaars and food fairs, the bad boys of wingz gradually perfected and innovated their taste throughout the years, until putting up a stand-alone restaurant by the busy streets of Banilad (potentially adding more traffic in the area – bad for motorists – but hey, they’re not called bad boys for nothing)



Love at first bite with their signature, Garlic Parmesan. Flavors like Lemon Pepper, Honey BBQ and thy personal favorite, Sriracha Honey – to the crazy hot Suicide wings. Which will most likely kill you in both degree of hotness and tastiness at the same time. You can even have your choice of bone-LESS chicken – but where would the fun of eating and slurping be, right?



And their new addition to their menu, The Rib. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to pass up on something like, The Rib.




Definitely a place to check out with your friends and colleagues – who knows, you can even let your boss try their Bad Boys Suicide Six Challenge (half a dozen wings in suicide sauce) – Just make sure you tend your resignation letter the next day. (I know you were planning this in your head ever since you started working anyway 🙂

Address: 66 Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu





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