Mila’s Lechon – Mouthwatering and Heartwarming

So here I am, back from a 1-week something hiatus for work – apparently, Travelling and wanting to enjoy the finer things in life come at a price and there are no monetary profits involved. (But don’t get me wrong, it pays you in priceless-memories-currency)

Here you are working 5 days a week, How do you reward yourself? If you’re a Cebuano, there’s nothing more I can think of but a big, huge chunk of Cebu’s best Lechon. Fortunately, I am and I will!


There are a bunch of really great lechon places here in Cebu, but one that stands out is Mila’s Lechon in Talisay City. After all, ever since I was yay-big , My grandfather always took me to this place almost every Saturday. So it’s safe to say that Mila’s lechon has been tested and proven through time. If you call yourself a true blue cebuano and you haven’t heard of Mila’s then you might probably want to reconsider. Ask your grandparents and their parents before that – I’m sure they know more of it more than I do.

I have a feeling this is “Mila”


It is approximately a 15-30 minute drive from the metro but as the saying goes, “anything fast and easy ain’t probably worth it.” – I just made that up. btw.




Just take a big bite of this tender and juicy lechon and you’ll know what I’m rambling about. Really, one of a kind. Yes, you may say there are different, more modern and innovative approaches to the native lechon these days but what makes this stand out is the experience it gives. For this writer, It takes him back to where life was less complicated. Life wherein his grandfather – which he loved so dearly – was still there to feed him a plateful of lechon skin and going home with a large red tupperware with leftovers inside to be made paksiw. Nostalgia, you may say. But this place and its food touches him deeper than where any food would go. 


They also offer different kind of exotic parts (liver,gizzard,chicken skin) for them to grill and you to enjoy.



With prices lower than the average per kilo here in the city, you wouldn’t wanna miss this.


Isabela and her dear Lola 🙂
I don’t think Kuya Tonton instagrams his food tho, this might be an exeption!
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up


Brgy. Poblacion, Talisay City 

P.S I would’ve loved to place their website or phone number but they chose to kick it old school with their marketing and branding. No websites. No facebook. Aboslutely No Instagram. Just how I like it. I hope through this, the feeling of adventure starts kicking in. Go find it and lemme know what you think – better yet – how you felt. 

It’s not complete without a Lechon Selfie



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