Bantayan Island : Asa Ni Kaon “ANIKA”

There are only a handful of things you SHOULD do on an island getaway.


and EAT


Here at Anika Island Resort, on the other side of the island, you can actually do all of that.

Anika's at Night
Anika’s at Night

This part of the island showed the different and mostly chill side of Bantayan during the holy week. After all, we all need some time away from all the bass kicks and drops. (4-5 hours, tops? )

Overlooking Sta. Fe Pier

Different shades of Green
Different shades of Green

Something that makes this resort unique is that their rooms are all made from container vans. Talk about being inventive. It actually gives the clean and uniform feel that neatfreaks would want to see.



My favorite part of the post…. F O O D

Capped off my merienda with a Classic Pinoy Spaghetti – just the way I like it

You think that was it? Nope, I don’t think so… We don’t roll that way.

Are you ready to BOODLE?



Chili Garlic Prawns
Chili Garlic Prawns
Sweet Chili Crabs
Sweet Chili Crabs
With our host, Cebu’s 1st district representative, Samsam Gullas and Talisay’s very own councilor Eduardo Gullas III aka Gullyguls

No post is complete without Arden showing off her good poses
No entry is complete without Arden showing off her good poses

Thanks to Congressman Samsam Gullas for the dinner invite!

Remind me again, was “drinking” mentioned in this post?

Pre Game “Game” Strong

@thejdgalz @gullyguls
@thejdgalz @gullyguls

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”

Take Blurry Photos – CHECK

Anika Island Resort

Address: F. Roska Street, Santa Fe, 6047 Cebu

Phone: 0917 701 4168


3 thoughts on “Bantayan Island : Asa Ni Kaon “ANIKA”

  1. I used to love Anika when they were still new. After gaining popularity due a lot of exposures, their prices have gone high up. Of course this could be normal and acceptable, provided that their services and amenities have upgraded too. But sadly, it is otherwise. The last time I was there, I waited for about an hour for my food and there was only 2 other tables with about 5-6 people each. For the ambiance though, it is great!

  2. Such great picts 🙂 We love Bantayan, where we usually spend at least a week a month (my husband is working there but as the kids go to school in Cebu, we have to split our agenda). We usually stay at Marlin’s though, great food too and the staff is so sweet. Did you stay at Anika overnight? very curious to see the interior of their containers…

    1. We stayed at a different place. But some of my friends spent 2 nights there. Their room was clean, white walls around and actually really spacious – so was their bathrooms. I recommend it for family trips and such! You’d enjoy the serenity the other side of Sta. Fe brings.

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