Two for Two

Two well recommended dishes at the Two Seasons Boracay Resort for our second dinner of the evening. It is but poetic justice for this spread be titled something with the number two. 


Every single blog and trip advisor tip told us to specifically order these two dishes –

Inventive and Decadent
Oyster Sisig – Inventive and Decadent


Has a little bit of crunch to it
Has a little bit of crunch to it


Their famous 4-cheese pizza
Their famous 4-cheese pizza
Quattro Formaggio
Quattro Formaggio

Now, we understood why people were raving about these 2 dishes. This blog post may be filled with the number 2 in it, but let me tell you that the only thing that didn’t deserve the dreaded number was for its taste! 10/10! I recommend that you try it TWO! 🙂



Location: BarLo, Two Seasons Boracay Resort, Station 1, Boracay, Malay, Aklan.


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