Larsian – An unorthodox tourist spot in Cebu

Who would’ve thought that this place filled with different pinoy barbecue vendors who heckles more than your average Greenhills tindera, would become a popular tourist spot in the metro? I, for one, was oblivious to this up until my cousins, most of them from Luzon and some from Malaysia, told me it was their first on their list when they visited my hometown.




As you enter, marketing specialists (what I’d like to call them) grab invite you to their respective stalls while giving you different offers (Free 2 liters of coke, discounts, etc). It’s kind of smart thinking that almost each and every stall sells practically the same variety of sutukil food.

This particular stall won the bid with free 2 liters of softdrinks
Hmmm choices choices choices


With a variety of choices from squids, fishes, pork belly, shellfish, and also soups. One can get a full meal – and more – without hurting your pockets.

Famous Chorizo de Cebu
Famous Chorizo de Cebu




Their trip consisted of 4 chorizo-filled nights after this experience.

Seafood “Present”


Here's something they don't see often too. Told them they were wrapped shawarma
Here’s something they don’t see often too. Told them they were wrapped shawarma


Big smiles accompanied by full stomachs for this bunch!

Location: Larsians sa Fuente, Cebu City


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