Pleasure without the guilt

Lahug Branch
Mandaue Branch

Ever wanted to indulge yourself into something so mouth-watery without the after effect of guilt?
Thanks to this fish friendly based restaurant, you may never have to worry about succumbing to the black hole of regret and guilt which we, self-proclaimed certified foodies, always feel after a delicious but big meal. Welcome to the citrus-colored world of Orange Karenderia.

With their best selling dishes such as the Crispy Buntot (Tuna Fishtail) and Crispy Kusug (Tuna Tendons), You’ll surely savor the unusual yet tasty parts of a fish with a dash of southern style deep fried goodness. Great for Chickenjoy inclined babies such as I. No hating. I know you are too.

Crispy Buntot (Deep fried tuna fishtail) Good for 2-4. Prices vary from weight.
Crispy Kusug (Tuna tendons) 120 php
Crispy Bihod (Female Tuna caviar) 130 php

They have a vast menu ranging from their seafood specialties to everyday pulutan choices and of course, their hot, aromatic larang. With prices just a few bucks more than your average karenderia, it’ll certainly make one of your gulity pleasures not so guilty after all.

Sinuglaw (Grilled Pork Belly in
Chicharon Bulaklak

Binge eating

Locations: Cabancalan St., Mandaue City and newly opened Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City (beside Pizza Republic)


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